3 piece luggage sets

Three piece Luggage setVacation Over, time to head Home

Came back from our vacation last week. I had a great time but my suitcase split along the zip just as we arrived at the departure airport. So I had to buy a me suitcase and repack.

The suitcase I bought was one of those Sets of three suitcases – a 3 piece luggage set. And the lady in the airport shop kindly let me repack all my things at the back of the shop, in her small office.

Well built small suitcaseOver Paid

To be honest I paid a lot for this luggage set that I’d bought and surfing the internet I could have found much cheaper bargains, like the ones here 3pieceluggage.com But I was desperate at the time and had to take anything I could get hold of.

The suitcases are very well made and I paid particular attention to the zip, as that’s what failed on the old case. But to be fair I was trying to ram it full of stuff and struggling to close it. I had to sit on the case to get the lid down before I could engage the zipper. So I have to put my hand up – guilty. Guilty of stuffing a suitcase to breaking point. other useful tips can be found here

Small packed caseThe Three Piece Set

So the new suitcases in a our three piece luggage set has a big chunky zip which I know it’s going to last but more importantly I’ve got three cases and the moral I’ve learnt from this is, don’t pack your cases to bursting point.

Another useful feature which I didn’t realise at the time I bought these luggage set was that they fit inside each other. The smallest fits into the middle size. The middle size fits inside the largest case. The benefit is obvious, when it comes to storage you’re only storing one case not three. A very useful feature for me as we live in an apartment that’s a bit on the small side.

suitcase sizing

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