Health, Pure and Simple

For Health

It seems that the whole world wants to get healthy these days especially those of us that live in the west. And so we should. However it’s easier said than done and part of the problem is that it takes work and time to do and there’s no instant benefits.

The human body is designed to keep us alive. You go and find food, find a mate and raise children to their adult state. Your body will take care of all the things other that keep you alive. Many, many things, millions of things that just happen automatically.

The Automatic Body

The big ones are; your heart keeps pumping, you keep breathing, your windpipe closes as you swallow your food. You sweat if you get to hot, the hemoglobin in your red blood cells gets recycled and reused. I could go on but I think you get the point.

What you need to do is to put the right things into your body and that means food, real not the junk that the food industry wants you to eat, because it makes a profit for them, but is not so good for you. The temptations, however, are everywhere and we need to take control but not with just will power. Will power is not enough.

The Bad

We need to give into temptation occasionally and indulge. The body is not a delicate object that needs constant monitoring and to keep in good health you need a certain degree of stress. That’s what we would have been expected by our cave dwelling ancestors. So a bit of bad food, alcohol, party food is not necessarily bad, when taken occasionally.

And that’s where will power comes in. Nobody has an unlimited reserve of will power. So caving in occasionally to temptation allows you to regain a will power boost for the next health phase.

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