The Photographic Club

Camera gear - laid outThe Photographic Club

The photographic club I belong to decided to go on an expedition, a camping exhibition. It was high summer not everyone could go (family commitments, work commitments) but we had a party of seven, confirmed.

Large TentSelecting a Tent

I was given the job of finding a suitable tent at a good price, which I did here 8 person tent And I was reimbursed by the other members of the party. There was seven of us so I purchase an 8 person tent so that we’d have enough space to store our camera gear. We didn’t want to store anything outside, just in case.

Types of Tents

As the time got nearer so some of the members cancelled, eventually we ended up with just five of us. This turned out to be a blessing in disguise because the Eight person tent would not have been big enough for seven people and all the photographic gear.

So the eight man tent With five occupants and camera gear turned out to be perfect.

Guide for pitching a tent

camera on a tripodI bought a Tripod Too

I came across this web site best camera tripod, that specializes in tripods. I’ve always wanted one and this seemed like a good opportunity to get one for this trip. I wanted to shoot in low light, where the camera needs to be rock steady so I invested in one that could also support my large aperture telephoto lenses, I’ve got three of these.

The five of us that went on the trip into the hills brought lots of camera gear, so the large tent meant we store everything inside it. Where it was nice and dry and this protected the camera gear from all the elements. I would not have been happy leaving expensive cameras outside even in waterproof rucksacks. You never know who might come wandering by, man or beast.

using a tripod

Tens Days Camping

We were out for ten days, which included three days travelling time. The seven days spent at the camp was just right. We had four sunny days and three days where it rained, on and off. But nothing stopped us and we all went out every day, although we did breakout out into small parties. Depending on what we fancied shooting for the day.

So the trip was a success my tripod was a great buy and that 8 person tent suited our needs perfectly and we’re planning another similar trip this spring using the same tent.

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